Do christians believe in astrology?

Astrology had support in early Christianity, but support declined even though it existed during the Middle Ages. Their support grew again in the West during the Renaissance. There is a tendency for people to neglect God and put their faith in psychics and mediums completely, and this is what the Bible warns in some verses. They were warned that it is a tool that should be used sparingly, when necessary, but never to ignore God and rely solely on an astrologer for their answers.

Edgar Cayce, a Christian mystic, stated: “Astrology is a fact, but there is no greater power over man than his own will. God gave us free will to make our own decisions and because Cayce believed that the energies of the planet have an effect on us by influencing our inclinations, trends are impulses. Cayce himself was a devout Christian who stepped out of traditional teachings and dedicated his life to serving others. Christians should not participate in Astrology because it is condemned in the Bible.

Astrological signs are part of divination and the occult. This means that astrological signs are the work of Satan in our day. There are many interpretations of Scripture and every Christian can interpret verses in unique ways. The 3,000-year-old camp poses a problem for Christians because it is in direct conflict with what Christians believe about God and his power.

I once worked for a devout Christian who was a little suspicious of me because she had heard about my interest in astrology. All of this is information you can use to make a wise decision regarding the relevance of astrology in the life of a Christian. Despite being incompatible with Orthodox Christianity, more than one in four Christians (26 percent) also believe in astrology, including 24 percent of Protestants and 33 percent of Catholics. As a Christian, I sincerely believe that knowledge of astrology should be used with care and with great integrity.

A Christian does not need astrology with its useless insinuations because believers can instead turn to the guidance of God's Word. For most of the history of the church, Orthodox Christians have been uniformly opposed to divination beliefs and practices related to astrology. Many of my Christian clients even tell me that they feel more connected to God and their Christian faith after having had an astrological consultation.

Damian Pestano
Damian Pestano

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