Can astrologers accurately predict the future?

As published in Nature, he found that astrologers could not better predict the future than chance. These results are consistent with fundamental science. A lot of people believe that astrology really predicts the future. But does it? In this experiment, we'll test astrology and explore the relationship between what we think happens and what actually happens in our lives.

This is, perhaps, the most dangerous assumption that people make about astrology. Contrary to popular belief, its purpose is not to guess what will happen to you in the future. Instead, it aims to be a guiding tool that allows you to make conscious decisions and avoid the ditches of life. Astrology aims to help you stay aligned with the unity of the universe.

When you're not aligned and things are still going wrong, it can help you make better decisions. The nature of these elements and the way they interact with each other has been recorded in many civilizations around the planet for centuries. For example, Ptolemy recorded Western astrology, while Parashara recorded Vedic astrology. The better the astrologer is, the better he can decipher the birth chart and extract the maximum amount of accurate information regarding what has happened and the likelihood of what will happen in the future.

Astrology is used by those who believe that the positioning in the sky of celestial bodies, the sun, the moon and the planets, creates or signals changes and events in people's lives. He will also do regular astrological readings on Zodiac by appointment, with details of date and time to come. Distinguishing itself from astronomy, astrology became the basis for creating horoscopes that would be used to predict people's personalities and predict the main events and seasons of their lives. If astrology can help determine “the right time to make decisions, it follows that astrology can also help us discern “the wrong time, too.

Horoscopes work this way, as do planetary income forecasts and forecasts for the coming year, and it is often exactly what happens within individual consultations between astrologers and their clients. However, astronomy and astrology diverged, and astronomy became the scientific study of celestial bodies and the physics that governs their movements. Today, astrological medicine warns certain signs of the zodiac of diseases to which they could be susceptible. However, astrology is often said to be accurate or true because the predictions are general enough to apply correctly to most people.

The accuracy or validity of these astrological health predictions is not verified by reliable sources such as the American Medical Association as a solid means of predicting future health problems. Therefore, astrology generally attributes traits or characteristics to people that can often be applied to many events or behaviors they exhibit. If you have any questions about astrology or the remedies provided by the expert, you can consult professional astrologers to know more in detail. Understanding Astrology begins with plotting the position of celestial bodies at the time of their birth to gain insight into their personality traits, career path, life challenges, love compatibility and more.

Throughout the pandemic, some astrologers have been trying to predict the decline of cases; during election years, efforts are being made to predict the winners of political races; attempts to use astrological prediction for profitable purposes have a long history, and now it also applies to the cryptocurrencies. In this sense, astrology can help by being the guide with which you make decisions that will allow you to experience the best scenario of your own individual destiny. .

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